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Auto Insurance Auburn WA

The State of Washington requires drivers to have auto insurance on all of their cars and trucks that are driven on public roads. Often, however, the minimum required vehicle insurance doesn’t actually provide adequate protection.  At Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency Auburn WA,  we help drivers across Washington make sure they have the protection they want when they’re on the road. Having the correct insurance in place before an incident happens provides peace of mind and the coverage when you need it the most. Don't delay, call today!

A Variety of Coverages and Limits

Auto insurance policies, like other types of insurance, are comprised of different types of coverages. You can select protection for, among other things:

  • your vehicle
  • yourself and passengers in your car
  • damage you cause to other’s property
  • injuries you are responsible for
  • accidents involving drivers that don’t have adequate insurance

Each of the coverages in a policy has a specific limit, which can be adjusted to meet your needs. At Alpine Ridge Insurance, we’ve helped many drivers assess their situation and select limits that make sense for them. We’d love to do the same for you. Give us a call and let our independent insurance agents assist you today.

Easy Online Quotes and Insightful Personal Assistance

At Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency, we combine convenience with knowledge. If you’d like a quick quote, we can provide that right on our website. Just provide information and press GO!

Alternatively, if you would like assistance selecting coverages and limits, our independent insurance agents are happy to field your questions. Either email or call them, whichever you prefer, and they’ll help you find the policy that is best for your circumstances.

Regardless of how you like to shop for auto insurance, home insurance, renters insurance etc. we at Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency are here to serve you.