Business 2017

Soon the holidays will be behind us and we will be looking at a new year. I know a lot of us will be reviewing our bills, thinking about tax season, and hopefully reviewing our auto insurance, home insurance and umbrella insurance. You should be thinking about items such as, what is the current valuation of your home and is it accurate, did you add any young drivers, did you purchase a new car at Christmas and are your coverage levels adequate. If you would like assistance when you review your insurance needs please give us a call or send us an email. Remember that having the proper level of insurance in place will help protect all the investments you are currently making.


Target Market

When running your own business, identifying your target market is essential. When selecting a target market you need to decide who you want as your clients or the individuals you want to do business with. Perhaps your target market might be golfers, teachers, or fisherman. What ever your target is you want to focus your energy and services to match that client base.

Identifying the proper market will allow you to focus your resources such as time and money, and provide direction when making marketing decisions. Business owners know how scarce resources are and want to make every dollar count so they make the best return on investment. Here at Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency we have chosen to focus our resources on homeowners. We are looking for clients that currently own a home or are looking to purchase a new home and are in need of home owners or renters insurance. Our goal is to provide a product to those clients that is value based thru coverage and price.

In addition to home owners insurance we like to offer our clients both auto insurance and umbrella insurance coverage in order to provide the best overall protection in case of a loss. Our clients have worked hard for what they have so building an insurance buffer between them and the individuals that want to take their financial assists is important or just cover them in case of a loss. Bundling these products can also save money and therefore provide a better value.

If you are operating your own business make sure you are focusing on a target market. That focus will allow you to make better business decisions for you and your clients. If you have any questions about your insurance needs give me a call.

Dave Haynes



This Christmas consider giving beyond yourself by contributing to a local toy or clothing drive. For example, this year we helped raise money for Veterans Housing by sponsoring a holliday photo shoot. From all of us here at Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency we wish you a very merry Christmas!!! Team Alpine

Giving Back – Business

Team Alpine will be assisting Josh Hall with a toy drive on December 10th from 12:00 – 3:00 pm. Toys will be collected at the Lakeland Hills Community Center located at 5801 Lakeland Hills Way, Auburn, Wa 98092. The toys will be donated to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

This is an opportunity for businesses and individuals alike to give back to the community and bless a child. Lets show our holliday spirit by coming by on Saturday and making a donation that will make a difference. See you there.



Insure to Value

As an independent insurance agency we have developed relationships with individual realtors as well as mortgage lenders. As we meet and talk with them I can see there is no question we are in one of the hottest home markets ever. Regardless of position of the market it is always wise to check on your home insurance and make sure your home is insured to value and you have the coverage you need.

“Insure to value” means that your home is properly valued on your insurance policy in case you need to rebuild it due to a claim. We have seen where a home is listed on a policy and the insured value is too low in case of a total loss. If you are not insured to value you may find yourself underinsured and paying out of your pocket.

Take a moment this summer and take a look at your home owners policy. If you would like us to help you with a review of your policy just give us a call or send us an email. A little time now could save you both time and money down the road.