Insurance and Networking

Team Alpine attended an N2 Publishing networking event at Rita’s Custard shop on Kent’s East Hill. We had a great time as the staff provided free samples and a lot of information about the products. Thank you to N2 Publishing and the Staff of Rita’s for showing us a great time. See you again next time.

Thank You

Thank you to Joseph and Kyla, owners of the Busted Bike Café in Down Town Auburn. They hosted a community event where citizens met the Auburn PD Bike Officers. If you get a chance stop in, have coffee and talk bikes.

Tree Removal

Do you have trees around your home that may cause damage to your home or auto if they fall? You should think seriously about tree removal before they cause damage or injure someone. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you have a home insurance question give us a call.

Gutter Cleaning

With the Spring rains you will want to make sure those gutters are clear and able to carry a lot of water. You want those spring rains going down your spouts, not the side of you house. Reduce possible home insurance claims by making sure you are properly maintaining your home. If you need assistance with your home insurance or auto insurance we are a locally owned Insurance Agency located in Auburn Washington.

Ridding Weather

Do you have your motorcycle parked in the garage under that favorite blanket? Ridding season is just around the corner and that perfect day will be upon us sooner then we think. Make sure you have your motorcycle insurance in place and up to date before you jump on for that ride. Have any questions, just give us a call.

Trusted Advisor

Do you have a trusted insurance advisor you work with when it comes to protecting your assets (Home, Auto, Savings, Future Earnings). I know we are all working hard to build our assets and look forward to retirement some day. Are you properly protecting those hard earned assets? Here at Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency we ask the question, How covered are you? If you would like to work with a trusted advisor when it comes to protecting your assets, give me a call today, don’t wait until after the loss.

Dave Haynes

Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency