Insurance Networking

Thank you to all that attended the networking event this past Thursday night. Is was great to see all of you again. A special thanks to Jason Butler from Cross Country Mortgage (206-739-0981) attending his first time. If you are in need of a mortgage or refinance give Jason a call. If you are in need of an insurance proposal to go along with that home give us a call.

Special Auto Parts

Have you added specialty items or equipment to your vehicle? An example might be a new set of very expensive rims that make that vehicle look awesome. If you have added any new toys to that stock vehicle you will need to add them onto your auto insurance policy. If you have any questions just give us a call today as we are here to assist. Also, if you have any home, renters, or RV insurance questions we can assist as well. We are a family owned insurance agency located in Auburn Washington.

Earthquake Insurance

Do I need earthquake insurance? We don’t have to look very long to find horrific evidence of the damage that can be caused by an earthquake. Close to home here in Auburn Washington we all know that we are living in an earthquake zone and it is only a matter of time before we experience our next one. What you need to know is that a standard home owners policy does not provide coverage for earthquake damage or Flood Damage. If you want to obtain an earthquake policy to cover your home give us a call today and lets go over your options.


At a recent RV show at the Tacoma Dome we had the opportunity to look at a lot of RV’s and talk with owners. It was a wonderful time. Are you looking to hit the open road in your RV this spring. Make sure the rig is ready for travel by checking out the mechanical systems and also take some time to review your insurance needs. If you have any insurance questions just give us a call. We are located in Auburn Washington and are a family owned and operated agency. Happy trails…