Auto Insurance

Auto insurance has evolved since the days of the Thomas Flyer (pictured above). Today we want to make sure we have all the car insurance we need before an incident happens. How covered are you? Give Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency a call and lets talk coverages. We are located in Auburn Washington and our phone number is 253-833-9501. We look forward to talking with you and can also assist with Home Insurance.

Mortgage Insurance


When do I need home or mortgage insurance? If you are purchasing a new property such as a Home on a lot, Condominium, or Mobile Home you will need to have insurance. If you are renting a property you will want to have renters insurance in place to provide coverage in case of a loss. For the home owner that is purchasing a new home you will need to provide proof of insurance to your mortgage broker prior to the closing date. If you currently own a home you will want to maintain your coverage and occasionally review your policy for coverage levels. What ever your home insurance needs are give us a call here at Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency 253-833-9501, we are located in Auburn Washington and we look forward to working with you. Call today!

Home Insurance

Now is the time to think about the home maintenance projects you have been putting off. How is that paint doing following the long winter months, as well as the gutters, windows, moss on the roof. Try to get those projects done now when the weather is good. It is also a good time to take a look at that home insurance, renter insurance or auto insurance policies as well. Although I cant help with the home projects, I would be more then happy to answer any insurance questions. Have fun for the rest of the summer and take a moment to enjoy your family…We are a family owned insurance agency located in Auburn Washington and our phone number is 253-833-9501. Give us a call day!

Renters Insurance

Do I need renter Insurance? That is a very good question. Some rental locations require renters insurance and therefore you would need the insurance in place in order to move in. Regardless of the requirement it is always good to have a renter insurance policy in place. A renters policy can provide coverage for liability, loss of use, personal property replacement, etc. in case there is a loss. If you are considering a renter policy give us a call at 253-833-9501. Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency is a family owned and operated agency located in Auburn Washington. We serve all of Washington State as well as King County, Snohomish County and Pierce County.

Motorcycle Insurance

This is a wonderful Indian Road Master with the 111 Thunder Stroke engine. I had the opportunity last year to take the bike on a 300+ mile one day ride across two mountain passes and it was great. If you are looking to get your bike out on the road make sure you have your motorcycle insurance in order with the coverages you want and need. Give me a call and lets talk bikes.

Renter Insurance

Why do I need renter insurance? Did you know you need some of the same coverages that a home owner needs and receives with their Home Insurance policy? Here are a few of the same coverages. Coverage for your personal property, coverage for your liability in case of a loss, and loss of use coverage. Ask yourself this question, where will I stay if my apartment is damaged by fire and I can’t live there? Good question, this is where loss of use comes in and provides alternate accommodations at your time of need. Give us a call and lets talk renter insurance before you encounter a loss.