Motorcycle Insurance

Washington State Motorcycle Insurance required July 28th 2019. Washington State is implementing a new law that requires Motorcycle riders to carry insurance and have proof of insurance on their person when riding. Besides the fact that motorcycle insurance is now required you should always have insurance to cover you in case of a collision. You should provide coverage in case you are hit by an uninsured driver or you are injured. Give me a call today and talk with an insurance agent that rides. Team Alpine is an independent insurance agency that puts people first. We also provide auto insurance, home insurance and umbrella insurance. Give me a call at 253-833-9501.

Umbrella Insurance

Everyone should have an Umbrella Policy. Umbrella Policies provide extra coverage in case of a loss. With Safeco insurance the Umbrella Policy is attached to the auto insurance policy and extends over the car insurance and home insurance as well. If you are interested in finding out more about adding on an Umbrella Policy give Alpine Ridge Insurance a call at 253-833-9501. We are a family owned agency located in Auburn Washington and we assist our clients with home insurance, auto insurance, RV Insurance, umbrella insurance as well as other needs. We look forward to talking with you.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who referred auto insurance, home insurance and umbrella insurance business to Alpine Ridge Insurance during 2018. In appreciation of your referrals we have donated $500.00 to Auburn Young Life. Team Alpine not only  believes in giving back to our community we work hard everyday for our clients. Again, thanks and we look forward to giving in 2019. If you have a referral you can call Alpine Ridge Insurance at 253-833-9501 or send us an email at

Insurance and You

With the holidays just around the corner, how nice would it be to find your favorite collectors car or specialty vehicle under the tree? I know Kim would love to find the Ford T-Bird in the photo all wrapped up. When it comes to insuring that collectors vehicle you will want to make sure you have the correct auto insurance in place to protect it. The type of car insurance you need for a collector vehicle is somewhat different then the automobile insurance you would want on lets say that new Ford truck. Give us a call today and lets talk about your pride and joy and make sure you have the insurance you want and need. Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency is family owned and we are located in Auburn Washington. Give us a call today at 253-833-9501.

Car Insurance Review

How do I review my car insurance for coverage? The first thing you can do is locate your vehicle insurance declarations page that was sent to you by your insurance company. Next, call Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency at 253-833-9501 and let us help you walk thru the coverage levels you currently have. There are limitless items we can review. For example, do you have a classic car or a sports car that needs special coverage. You may also have other types of vehicles such as a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or trailer. Are you bundling your home Insurance and auto insurance in order to receive the best discount. Give us a call today and lets take a look at your insurance needs. We are located in Auburn, Washington and serve clients all over the state.

Veterans Day Parade

On behalf of Team Alpine we would again like to thank all vets for your service. We had a great time at our  Veterans Day Parade photo booth (second annual)  that was sponsored by Alpine Ridge Insurance, Terry Aman, and Dan Peck from Caliber Home Loans. We took (donated) over 100 photos during the event, had a great time talking with everyone, and raised money for Habitat for Humanity. Team Alpine is a locally owned insurance agency that provides home insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance to our clients. We are located here in Auburn Washington and are looking forward to talking with you. Give us a call at 253-833-9501. Again, a big thanks to all our vets!

Auto and Home Insurance

I have talked home insurance, auto insurance, and umbrella insurance with a lot of individuals and the one thing I find consistent is that most people don’t understand their coverages. That is where an insurance advisor comes in. If you buy Auto or Home Insurance based only on price how do you know what you are buying? There are also a lot of other areas to consider such as antique autos, collector autos, motorcycle insurance or home insurance liability coverage levels. Give Alpine Ridge Insurance a call today at 253-833-9501 and lets talk insurance, we are here to help with those insurance questions. We are located in Auburn Washington and serve our clients all over the State.

Winter Driving and Car Insurance

Well, winter is almost upon us. Are you prepared for the winter driving over the coming months. Do you have your snow scraper in your vehicle along with those tire chains. I just had my tires checked on my Ford F-150 and decided it was time to replace them prior to winter driving conditions. How about the winter -20 washer fluid for the dirty windshield or have you checked your battery lately. Also, have you taken a look at your auto insurance to see if you are up to date with your coverages. Don’t get caught out in the cold this winter, take a moment and prepare. If you have any questions give our team here at Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency a call, 253-833-9501. We are located in Auburn Washing and serve our clients all over the State.

Auto Insurance Review

When should I review my auto insurance. No is a good time to pull out that auto insurance declarations page and take a look at your coverage levels. If all looks good, ok, but if you have any questions just give Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency a  call at 253-833-9501. Team Alpine is located in Auburn Washington. Remember, it is always best to review your insurance before you need it, not after.