Insurance Agent

If you are looking for an insurance agent in Washing State to assist you with your home, auto and umbrella insurance, look no further. Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency is a family owned business and loves educating individuals that have questions. We are located at 336 4th St NE in Auburn Washington. Check out our web page or give us a call today at 253-833-9501.

Motorcycle Time

Out for a ride!

Do I need motorcycle insurance? Now that we are into March 2018 I know you are thinking about ridding that motorcycle on the warm days ahead. Nothing like the warm air, sunshine, and two wheels traveling down the road. Make sure you check out that bike before you leave the garage and hit the road. Check the tires, tire pressure, fluid levels, battery, look for any changes to the bike like loose parts. A good look at the bike can save you later. Also, check on that motorcycle insurance and make sure it is in force and you have the coverages you need. If you have any questions give me a call at Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency, 253-833-9501. We are a family owned agency that is located at 336 4th St NE Auburn Wa 98002. I look forward to talking with you.

Home and Renters Insurance

It is March 2018 and time to review that home insurance policy or Renter Insurance policy. Here are a few things for you to look at. Is your home insured to value?  In other words do you have adequate insurance limits to rebuild your home should you have a total loss. In addition, do you have a  liability limit adequate to cover a loss and not cause you to go into your savings. If when you look at your home insurance you have any questions just give Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency a call at 253-833-9501, we are located in Auburn Washington. We can also help if you are working on a home refinance or new home purchase, mortgage, and need home insurance.

Mortgage Insurance

When do I need home or mortgage insurance? If you are purchasing a new property such as a Home on a lot, Condominium, or Mobile Home you will need to have insurance. If you are renting a property you will want to have renters insurance in place to provide coverage in case of a loss. For the home owner that is purchasing a new home you will need to provide proof of insurance to your mortgage broker prior to the closing date. If you currently own a home you will want to maintain your coverage and occasionally review your policy for coverage levels. What ever your home insurance needs are give us a call here at Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency 253-833-9501, we are located in Auburn Washington and we look forward to working with you.

Insurance Networking

Thank you to the Auburn and Kent Chamber of Commerce as well as the Muckleshoot for hosting our latest networking event last week. The event was well attended by individuals all across South King County. These events are a great place to network your business and meet new people. We love to talk about or products such as home insurance and auto insurance or just learn about other people. If you would like information about networking in the South King County area give Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency a call at 253-833-9501.

Home Maintenance

As a home owner one of your priorities should be home maintenance. Over the past few weeks I have been made aware of water damage caused by dishwashers leaking under the counters. This type of water leak can cause substantial damage to flooring, cabinets, and rooms located below the kitchen. I recommend that on a regular scheduled basis you pull out your dishwasher and inspect the area for leaks. Check the condition of the water supply lines and drains hoses and replace as needed (before they leak). By taking a few minutes now you can save yourself a lot of money and time down the road. If you have any home insurance questions just give us a call at 253-833-9501. We are located in Auburn Washington.

Home Maintenance

Winter is still upon us so we should make sure the outside of our homes are still in good condition. Example, are the hose bib covers still in place on the outside faucets? Has anything changed on the roof such as missing or damaged shingles? Are the sidewalks and driveway still in good condition after the snow and rain? It is also about time to start watching for that moss on the roof as well. Don’t worry, only a few months left and we will burst into Spring. If you need to review that Home Insurance Policy just let us know as we are here to assist. Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency is located in Auburn Washington. We serve the communities of King County, Pierce County and Snohomish County. Give an Agent a call today at 253-833-9501.

Renters Insurance

Do I need renter Insurance? That is a very good question. Some rental locations require renters insurance and therefore you would need the insurance in place in order to move in. Regardless of the requirement it is always good to have a renter insurance policy in place. A renters policy can provide coverage for liability, loss of use, personal property replacement, etc. in case there is a loss. If you are considering a renter policy give us a call at 253-833-9501. Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency is a family owned and operated agency located in Auburn Washington. We serve all of Washington State as well as King County, Snohomish County and Pierce County.

Declarations Page

Are you asking yourself, what is an insurance declarations page? Simply stated a declarations page, or dec page, is the document that shows what coverages you have on an auto policy, home policy, renters policy or umbrella policy etc.. You may want to refer to this document to see what coverage levels you have or you may need to provide a copy of this as proof of insurance to a lender. At Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency we are ready to answer your questions about your coverages so give us a call. We are located in Auburn Washington and serve King County, Snohomish County and Pierce County as well as clients all over the State of Washington. Give an agent a call today at 253-833-9501.