Vehicle Inspection

Take a little time this winter to look at your vehicle from a safety point of view. How much life is left in those tires, is it time to replace them? Have you changed your wiper blades in preparation for the Spring rains? Are all the vehicle lights in good working order? Taking time now can prevent problems later and possibly reduce your chances of having an accident. It is also a great time to take a look at your insurance coverages and ask yourself the question, How covered am I ? If you need assistance with your auto or home insurance, give me a call. Stay safe…

Individual Coverage

Do you have adult children at home or who will be graduating this Spring? It is time to think about getting them off your insurance policy and onto their own. I know that a lot of people only think about saving money by keeping the policies together. Here is something else to think about, your liability and what one incident may cost you. You own the vehicle, the insurance policy and you may end up owning the liability from a judgement. If you would like to talk about moving individuals off on their own just give us a call. Dave

Umbrella Insurance

I have been attending a training course with Safeco Insurance and one of the things I learned was everyone should have an Umbrella Insurance Policy. What is an Umbrella Policy and why would you need one? In short an Umbrella Policy adds additional coverage amounts above the limit of your home and auto insurance policy limits. Example, you are at fault in a vehicle collision and the settlement exceeds your auto policy limit of $500,000, you would then move into your coverage provided by your Umbrella up to that policy limit. With Safeco you can obtain an Umbrella policy from 1 million to 5 million. Give me a call and lets talk Umbrella. Dave

Driving the World

I just returned from a vacation to Australia. I was really impressed and would like to return in the near future. On this trip I did not need to drive a vehicle as we utilized the local buses and a fantastic train system. On the next trip I would like to do some driving on my own so auto insurance and liability insurance will be an issue I need to address.

Are you planning on driving overseas? Are you going to barrow or rent a vehicle during a trip? Have you talked with your personal Insurance Advisor about coverage options? What ever you do, check before you go so you can drive and enjoy your vacation with confidence.

Dave Haynes