Home Insurance and Water Damage

I was just reading a post on water damage and home insurance. Did you know 1 in 50 home claims is for water damage? That is a lot of claims and impacts all our home insurance rates. Here are a few suggestions that were made. Clean out those gutters so water flows properly and away from your home. How about replacing those water hoses to items such as washing machines, toilets and dish washers. Call Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency today at 253-833-9501.

Home Insurance and Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is important when it comes to avoiding home insurance claims. Make sure you take a look at the roof as our rainy season will soon be upon us. If need call a roofing company and have them conduct an inspection to make sure all is well. At the same time get that home insurance policy out and take a look. If you have any insurance questions give Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency a call at 253-833-9501.

Umbrella Insurance

What is umbrella Insurance and do I need it? That is a very good question. Basically an umbrella insurance policy adds additional liability coverage over other existing policies such as your auto and home. In addition it may add coverage for additional areas of liability that your home or auto policy does not provide. If you want to provide an extra level of coverage to help protect your assets (present and future) you will want to consider an umbrella. If you are living in Auburn, King County or Washington State give me a call at 253-833-9501 and lets go over your options. Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency is family owned.

Home Maintenance

Yes, the rain will return and it is time to get your home ready for Fall. Make sure you have someone check your gutters, and get ready to put the portable air conditioners away. If you have any home insurance questions give us a call. Alpine Ridge Insurance agency is located in Auburn Washington and we provide our clients access to auto insurance, home insurance and umbrella insurance. Give us a call today at 253-833-9501.

Home Mortgage Insurance

Why do I need home or mortgage insurance? If you are purchasing a new property such as a Home on a lot, Condominium, or Mobile Home you will need to have insurance. If you are renting a property you will want to have renters insurance in place to provide coverage in case of a loss. For the home owner that is purchasing a new home you will need to provide proof of insurance (binder)to your mortgage broker prior to the closing date. If you currently own a home you will want to maintain your coverage and occasionally review your policy for coverage levels. When you have home insurance questions give us a call here at Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency 253-833-9501, we are located in Auburn Washington and we look forward to working with you.

Auto Insurance Review

When should I review my auto insurance. No is a good time to pull out that auto insurance declarations page and take a look at your coverage levels. If all looks good, ok, but if you have any questions just give Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency a  call at 253-833-9501. Team Alpine is located in Auburn Washington. Remember, it is always best to review your insurance before you need it, not after.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance questions, give us a call? What do you do when your best friend needs to go to the doctor and you are faced with that unexpected bill. Having a pet insurance policy in place prior to the diagnoses could give you options to provide care. Lets get that policy in place, call us today at 253-833-9501. Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency is located in Auburn Washington and we assist our clients with home insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance and of course pet insurance.

Umbrella Insurance

What is umbrella insurance? That is a very good question and I have been talking about umbrella insurance with a lot of individuals. The first thing I notice when talking with individuals is that they do not know about umbrella insurance or how it works. If you would like to know more give me a call at 253-833-9501. Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency is located in Auburn Washington and we focus on Home Insurance, Auto Insurance and Umbrella Insurance.