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What If I Don’t Insure My RV And Have An Accident?

If you are an RV owner in Washington state, you should get RV insurance since all vehicles in the state are mandated to have insurance to drive on public roads. If you don’t insure your RV and get into an accident in Auburn, WA, here is what you should know. Suppose you are caught driving your RV without at least a minimum of RV insurance coverage. In that case, you can face serious consequences like license suspension, license revocation, fines, and jail time. However, the severity of the consequences could vary depending on whether you were the at-fault driver or not.

1. If You Are the At-Fault Driver

If you are in an accident with your uninsured RV and are the at-fault driver, you will have to agree to pay for damages and injuries you caused. Since you don’t have insurance, the payment will be from out of your pocket. At Alpine Ridge Insurance, we recommend that you negotiate with the other driver on compensation immediately. If you refuse to pay, the other driver can sue you, and you will also have to pay for your legal fees out of pocket. If you cannot pay for the damages and injury you caused, the court will permit the other driver to recover those costs through wage garnishment. Therefore, the money you owe the other driver will be deducted directly from your paycheck. All these will likely ruin you financially.

2. If the Other Driver Is at Fault

If the accident involves your uninsured RV and the other driver is at fault, the other driver will compensate you for the damage and injury based on the state’s limits. However, you will still face the penalties of driving your RV without insurance. 

Do you have questions about RV insurance in Auburn, WA? At Alpine Ridge Insurance, we will help you figure out your RV insurance. Call us today.

Washington state auto insurance requirements

Drivers in Washington state have some gorgeous scenery to enjoy. Hopefully, it isn’t so gorgeous, it is a distraction. Alpine Ridge Insurance in Auburn, WA is a multi-generational family insurance company. We want to get to know you so that we can give you the level of service you deserve from your local independent insurance agent.  

Washington state auto insurance requirements

The required type of insurance in Washington state is liability coverage. The mandated amount to comply with the law is 25/50/10. That is $25,000 in bodily injury for one person and $50,000 for multiple injuries. Given the cost of medical care, this amount could be very inadequate. If the injuries go greater, you could end up paying out a lot of money that you may not have. With only $10,000 for property damage, hopefully, you won’t have an accident with a new vehicle. 

If you have an auto loan, you will need to cover the car, which requires collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage is exactly what it sounds like, coverage for damage due to a collision. It can be with another car where you are at fault, it can be a one-car accident or a hit and run. 

Comprehensive coverage is sometimes called non-collision coverage. Many things can cause damage to your vehicle that doesn’t involve a collision. If your vehicle is stolen, you want to be able to replace it. If you are driving down the road and a deer runs into your vehicle, it can cause a lot of damage. Weather can cause many different types of auto damage. If a rock flies up and hits your windshield, you will be able to get it replaced. 

Contact Alpine Ridge Insurance in Auburn, WA at our office by stopping by or giving us a call. We look forward to serving your insurance needs. 

Who Needs to Get Boat Insurance in Auburn?

Those that are in the Auburn, WA area will find that the warm months of the year are a great time to get outside and enjoy all of the amazing recreational activities available in this part of Washington. One fun activity that anyone will enjoy is going out on the water in their very own boat. While investing in a boat can provide you with a lot of great memories, boat ownership does come with other responsibilities as well. One responsibility is your need to get the right insurance. There are various situations when someone will need this coverage.

When Trying to Cover Asset

A situation when someone will want to have a boat insurance plan is when they want to cover their asset. A boat owner will make a big investment into their watercraft and insuring it is a great way to protect it. With a proper insurance plan, you will remain properly covered at all times. 

When Mitigating Liability Risk

You also need to get a boat insurance plan to mitigate your liability risk. Those who are going to operate a boat will always have the risk that they could cause an accident. With the right insurance plan in place, you will have the support needed to cover any costs that are associated with an accident up to the policy limit. 

Getting the right insurance for your watercraft in the Auburn, WA area is important. As you are looking for coverage in this area, starting your search with Alpine Ridge Insurance is a great idea. There are a lot of choices to make along the way when looking for protection and Alpine Ridge Insurance can help you build the right plan. This can ensure your boat is protected and that you are able to mitigate your liability risk. 

Should you get home insurance in Auburn?

Owning a home has continued to be a good way to build long-term wealth. Those that are interested in being property owners should consider buying in the Auburn, WA area. This region of the state has continued to be beneficial for property owners due to value appreciation and having a consistent place to live in the community. As you assess your housing options, you need to ensure you choose a quality insurance plan. Your home insurance should be considered a necessity for various reasons. 

Ensure You Protect Assets

While your home is a place you will live in, it is also going to be among the most valuable assets you will ever own. Because it is a major asset, insuring and protecting it as well as possible should be a top priority. A quality home insurance plan will give you ample coverage for your home and also any personal belongings that you keep under the roof up to the policy limits.

Liability Risk Mitigation

You also should consider a home insurance plan for the liability risk mitigation you can receive. Those that are property owners are going to regularly take on the risk that they could be held liable for certain accidents. If you get the right insurance protection, you can help to mitigate this risk as your home insurance plan will include a liability insurance provision.

If you are looking for home insurance in the Auburn, WA area, it would be wise for you to call Alpine Ridge Insurance. There are a lot of choices to make when choosing a home insurance plan and Alpine Ridge Insurance can help you evaluate all options. This can give the support you need to build a plan that will cover your assets and keep you in compliance with requirements. 

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