Spring is in the air

In case we are still under the snow from the late winter, I thought I would provide you a glimpse of the future (photo). As the weather clears make sure you take the opportunity and check around your home for damage, clogged gutters, bushes against the house, and general spring cleaning. If you have any home insurance questions you can give Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency a call at 253-833-9501. No time like the present to check with one of our agents and see how the coverage levels are looking.

Home Insurance

Are you buying your first home or are you moving to a condominium? Home insurance or Mortgage insurance is very important when it comes to home ownership. Do you know if your residence is insured to value in case of a loss? Do you know what your liability limits are in case something happens? Do you have an insurance agent or insurance agency you can call if you have questions? We here at Alpine Ridge Insurance in Auburn Washington love to talk with anyone about insurance coverage’s for their home. We also assist with auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, and umbrella insurance. Give us a call at 253-833-9501 if we can be of assistance.

Business Networking

I had an opportunity to meet with Jon Bye and his team at John L Scott Realty. What an amazing group of individuals. “Service Beyond the Sale” is how they do business and take care of their clients. When it comes to home buying, getting a home mortgage, and finding just the right new home you want a team on your side that will care for you all along the way. If you are thinking about buying or selling, give Jon Bye and his team a call. When it comes to home insurance for that new investment give the team at Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency a call at 253-833-9501. We are located in Auburn Washington and our insurance agents assist or clients all over the State of Washington. Finally, you have to love that picture 🙂

Mortgage Insurance

When buying a home you will need mortgage insurance in order to close. If you are a first time home buyer you may not be familiar with home insurance or how it works. If you currently own a home and would like to take a look at your coverage we can help with that as well. If you have questions give me a call at 253-833-9501. Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency is located in Auburn Washington and we serve our clients from King County and across the State.

Water Claim Prevention

I recently received some information from Safeco Insurance on water claims. Did you know that home insurance water claims are the 2nd most frequently filed claims? In addition, 1 in 50 insured home owners will file a water damage claim each year. Wow, that is a lot of claims for water damage. So below are a few tips for preventing or reducing claims.

Know where the main water valve is located so it can be shut it off quickly in case of an emergency.

Monitor the water bill. A bigger water bill may indicate a water leak exists. 

Replace the rubber hoses on washing machines, dishwashers and other water-related appliances periodically. Steel-braided hoses increase durability and longevity. 

Test sump pumps at least once per year. If the pump doesn’t have an alternate power source, add a battery backup or upgrade to a
pump with a water-powered backup. 

Clean gutters and downspouts regularly to ensure water moves through them properly and drains away from the home’s foundation. 

Inspect the water heater annually for signs of corrosion or leaks. Aging water heaters can weaken over time, increasing their
likelihood of rupturing.

Umbrella Insurance

Everyone should have an Umbrella Policy. Umbrella Policies provide extra coverage in case of a loss. With Safeco insurance the Umbrella Policy is attached to the auto insurance policy and extends over the car insurance and home insurance as well. If you are interested in finding out more about adding on an Umbrella Policy give Alpine Ridge Insurance a call at 253-833-9501. We are a family owned agency located in Auburn Washington and we assist our clients with home insurance, auto insurance, RV Insurance, umbrella insurance as well as other needs. We look forward to talking with you.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who referred auto insurance, home insurance and umbrella insurance business to Alpine Ridge Insurance during 2018. In appreciation of your referrals we have donated $500.00 to Auburn Young Life. Team Alpine not only  believes in giving back to our community we work hard everyday for our clients. Again, thanks and we look forward to giving in 2019. If you have a referral you can call Alpine Ridge Insurance at 253-833-9501 or send us an email at info@alpineridgeinsurance.com.

Car Insurance Review

How do I review my car insurance for coverage? The first thing you can do is locate your vehicle insurance declarations page that was sent to you by your insurance company. Next, call Alpine Ridge Insurance Agency at 253-833-9501 and let us help you walk thru the coverage levels you currently have. There are limitless items we can review. For example, do you have a classic car or a sports car that needs special coverage. You may also have other types of vehicles such as a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or trailer. Are you bundling your home Insurance and auto insurance in order to receive the best discount. Give us a call today and lets take a look at your insurance needs. We are located in Auburn, Washington and serve clients all over the state.

Veterans Day Parade

On behalf of Team Alpine we would again like to thank all vets for your service. We had a great time at our  Veterans Day Parade photo booth (second annual)  that was sponsored by Alpine Ridge Insurance, Terry Aman, and Dan Peck from Caliber Home Loans. We took (donated) over 100 photos during the event, had a great time talking with everyone, and raised money for Habitat for Humanity. Team Alpine is a locally owned insurance agency that provides home insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance to our clients. We are located here in Auburn Washington and are looking forward to talking with you. Give us a call at 253-833-9501. Again, a big thanks to all our vets!