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What happens if I’m caught driving without insurance in Washington?

Operating a motor vehicle in Washington State without the minimum required liability insurance coverage (except for a moped) is illegal. It is necessary as a way to assume responsibility for any damages to other drivers and property as a result of an accident. 

Required Insurance Coverage

Your insurance policy must have limits of at least $25,000 for bodily injury or death to a vehicle with one person in the car.  $50,000 of bodily injury or death coverage if you’re liable for an accident involving two or more injured parties.  The state also requires a minimum of $10,000 of property damage coverage to go toward the destruction of property in an accident. 

Proof on Insurance

While driving in Washington state, you must be prepared to show law enforcement adequate proof of insurance upon request.  At Alpine Ridge Insurance in Auburn, WA, we will provide you with an insurance card as proof of insurance when you buy a policy.  The card will include the following items that the state requires:

  • The name of the insurance company
  • Your policy number.
  • Date your insurance policy went into effect.
  • The expiration date of your insurance policy
  • Your vehicle description including the year, make, and model.
  • The name of the insured drivers for the vehicles on the policy.
  • If more than five vehicles are listed on the policy, the card should include "fleet."

Driving without insurance

Failure to provide proof of insurance is a traffic infraction, but knowingly providing misleading evidence of insurance coverage is considered a misdemeanor (like giving proof of insurance to an officer on a canceled policy).  

If you drive a motor vehicle without the required insurance, you will receive a minimum fine of $550.  Additionally, suppose you’re at fault for an auto accident.  In that case, you may have your license suspended, especially if you don’t pay for the damages and injuries from the accident. 

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The state of Washington doesn’t play around when it comes to the safety of its drivers, and neither should you.  If you are driving a motor vehicle and don’t have the required auto insurance, call us today.  At Alpine Ridge Insurance in Auburn, WA, we will partner with you to get you legal and protect you and others on the road.

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